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May 31, 2011

Tornado Preparedness: How Ready are You?

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May 22 Missouri Tornado

How can you prepare for a tornado as fierce as this?

Imagine waking up one gloomy morning. Despite this, you still consider going to work because you have loads of tasks to finish in addition to an important meeting later in the afternoon. As you hit the streets and head to work, you notice that everyone is in a state of disarray because a tornado is currently wrecking havoc a nearby district. What will you do next?

It is obvious that you are caught quite unprepared. Consider that weather conditions are essential aspect of everyday life and therefore it is a must to check newspapers or newscasts for weather news and storm warnings. Remember that tornadoes usually form after severe thunderstorms so one must always expect a tornado to occur especially if you are living in an area frequented by this kind of weather disturbance.

Moreover, at times of natural catastrophe, it is also a must to always have a contingency plan in mind. Think of a place where you can safely stay for a short period of time. It should be noted that tornadoes are very destructive that’s why it is important to stay away from the area as much as possible.

An adequate supply of food, water and clothing must be ready at any times because it is expected to be cut off from these provisions during and after a calamity. Also, always have a medical kit prepared.

Awareness, contingency plan and enough supply of basic needs are key factors to survival. These factors are also applicable to other real life situations. Remember that tornados and other natural calamity are inevitable aspects of everyday life. Just like in the workplace where an employee could face unexpected challenges on a day-to-day basis that may affect your career. With preparations, such setbacks, although unavoidable, are still manageable nonetheless.

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